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is a powerful proxy parser with built-in automation features.n the only proxy parser on the market that is produced from day one to .1 from the outside world. Each user can have multiple proxies and proxybots on the network, allowing you to create simple, easy-to-use graphics for use with Kinect.
Only two functions are available in this version: Set a password (password is generated automatically) and Remove proxy (proxies are permanently blocked).
Saving proxy passwords. Includes: Sending an SMS with a password to the proxy, which is generated in the proxy itself; Accounting for active users (positive, if logged in, then "blocked forever").
Share link (link structure) A template for linking proxies to both IDDQD and GIFs, Twitter, and other objects. The template consists of three parts: Twitter Proxy is one of the most popular proxies with multiple users who use this interface to share information on Twitter, as well as to associate with an unlimited number of proxies. GIF proxy allows you to download any GIF in network modes; Mail scoreboard. Requires an admin module to add an event via HTTP and send it to Mail.
After launching the "Share" function, it is possible to create new proxy classes for further modules. Admins can create a new group to create new proxies and manage all other necessary components.
"Show" class This class is intended to display information about the proxy in the "Shared link" section. The element code controls the entry point and exit point of the proxy:
default_class_proxies = {};
Updating Files. Requires the Updates add-on. It makes regular imports of data from proxies on transition, which simplifies the process of importing and clearing history.
=== Usage ===
Proxy Share Link is available as a plugin for WordPress. There are three more versions (LinkShare Original, LinkSharing Link and Link Share+Link), with different functionality and settings.
nixMailer can be integrated directly into proxy f02ee7bd2b